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Our Mission

To provide fiduciary services for individuals, businesses or municipalities in need of sophisticated financial consulting. We provide forensic analysis of financial strategies, insurance, and investments. Unbiased and independent our consultants work on behalf of our clients. We find the best solutions in the Country and offer extensions of services within our network. A network of industry-leading professionals, tax advisors and attorneys. Our Independent Consultants can offer custom-tailored solutions modeled specifically for what's best for their clients. 

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Our Company Core Values

Passion, Leadership, Education, Ambition, Simplicity, Integrity, Nurturing, Generosity 

We believe strongly in our core values and prioritize for them within our Network. Our Consultants are in fields that compensate them for helping people. Our network of licensed financial professionals uphold a fiduciary obligation, and our agents specialize in plans that create generational wealth. We at Silverback demand a culture different than any other, one of positivity and encouragement. We value personal growth as much as professional achievement. 


Our goal is to connect professionals with our network in every city across America, providing their clients the best solutions and best planning available.

Chief Executive Officer
CO Principal

Rylan Haecker

With over a decade of management and leadership experience across multiple industries, and national recognition in the field of insurance, consulting and finance, Rylan has spent the last several years in finance working with the best and brightest in the industry. He has specialized in developing and applying custom financial plans for clients and business owners throughout Texas and the United States. He has been recognized nationally in the industry as a top performer via the Million Dollar Round Table, with a practice expanding nation wide. 

Rylan is also a loving Husband and Father of two.


"I am blessed to be in a position to get the best out of others. Helping others realize their full potential and elevate their own practices has been the most fulfilling achievement of my career. My goal for the company is to expand nationwide and connect the most elite financial professionals, spanning multiple industries, together in an exclusive network." 

- Rylan Haecker

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