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04. Insurance

"By allocating nothing to your future, you've allocated everything."                                           

It is difficult to predict what can happen in life, but it is easy to have a plan for when it does. Insurance is and should be the first step of any financial plan. Think of insurance as the foundation of your financial house, when you build your house the foundation is the first and most important process in building your structure. With a strong foundation your financial house cannot be broken, it can weather the storms. You can always fix the roof or walls, but a crack in the foundation can lead to financial uncertainty. Life, health, disability, long term care and other insurance can help deflect the cost of an unfortunate situation - that if not planned for could absorb years of hard work, savings and investment. Lets build your financial house the correct way and structure it in such a way that it can never come crumbling down. 

Insurance should not be mistaken for a tool that builds wealth, it is instead the most efficient tool to create and sustain it.

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